Extra credit: Who is to blame for climate gentrification?

Time for another installment in our 'Extra Credit' series, where we take a reading and discuss our takeaways, for your listening pleasure.

In this episode, we discuss a piece in Shelterforce titled 'Are Urban Planners Staying Silent on Climate Gentrification?' – written by Colleen O'Connor-Grant.

The built environment is the embodiment of countless decisions, each of which is a vote for what matters to us (or, to be honest, what matters to those with power and influence). In the case of climate gentrification, zoning rules, economic development practices, affordable housing policies, and other "boring" things create an unequal, ecologically degraded world. Which shapes each of us who live in it.

Let's dive in!


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Hosted by AJ Fawver and Jordan Clark. Edited by Jordan Clark.

Music in this episode: Sounds of the Supermarket, a 1985 Weather Channel broadcast, Isaac Horwedel, Scott Joplin ("Reflection Rag"), and Lead Belly ("Bourgeois Blues").

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