Extra Credit: When Cars Kill

In this Extra Credit episode, we have a chat about a frankly glum topic: when cars kill people. We discuss a fantastic piece in the New Yorker about a growing movement to end pedestrian and cycling fatalities in NYC and beyond.

Lots to cover in this show, and we talk about:

  • ingrained attitudes about transportation (and whose experience counts the most)
  • policy choices that inevitably lead to avoidable death
  • individuals and families bearing the burden of collective failures
  • learning from other countries: whether safe streets are a "cultural" thing or a policy result
  • Vision Zero as a response to traffic deaths
  • neighborhood politics
  • the concept of "windshield bias"
  • a few simple design approaches that make streets safer for all people
  • ... and more

Let's dive in!


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Hosted by AJ Fawver and Jordan Clark. Edited by Jordan Clark.

Music in this episode: Sounds of the Supermarket, a 1985 Weather Channel broadcast, Isaac Horwedel, and Cullah ("GroOvy" and "Western Firefight 2").

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